Europolis: A German contribution to European policy

Just another think tank among the many institutes in Brussels contributing to the legitimacy of European integration, committed not by values but by vested interests?


Even though deeply committed to the idea of European integration, Europolis intends to set a counterpoint to the current governance of the EU-institutions. This is overdue in a system with a lack of accountability and within a Euro-group which regards itself as entitled to press ahead and to regulate the European integration process. In the meantime, Germany has abandoned its role as shaker and mover.

At present, legitimate debate about renewed governance in Europe is stifled. Reforms are in automatic opposition to the pathological national interventionism by French policy and to the prestigious and French associated institutions like Robert Schumann, Jean Monnet and Bruegel. All of these want public service instead of competition, protectionism, and industrial policy instead of the completion of the European internal market, structural policy and regional subsidies instead of competition between the regions. Europolis´ ambitions are different:

  • The promotion of more competition
  • ensuring institutionally the stability of currency and prices
  • promoting the consolidation of public finances
  • giving priority to the principle of subsidiarity

Europolis values rigorous academic research and is independent of any political party.

Die Arbeitsgruppe Europolis

Prof. Dr. Markus C. Kerber

Prof. Dr. Markus C. Kerber

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Naghmeh Reza
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