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Markus C. Kerber is an attorney of Law and Professor of Public Finance and Political Economy at the Technology University of Berlin and is a visiting professor at the Institut d’études politiques (IEP) in Paris. In 2008 he challenged the Lisbon Treaty in the German Constitutional Court contributing to the famous “Lisbon ruling”. Since 2010, he had led legal challenges against the euro zone bailouts in the German constitutional court. Prof Kerber has also made legal history by challenging decisions of the ECB in the European Court of Justice, on three occasions. He is founder of the Berlin-based think-tank ‘Europolis’ which seeks to encourage free- market competition to promote EU political and economic reform. Prof. Kerber’s work has been extensively published and he is a frequent contributor to Europe-wide TV and radio broadcasts, as an expert commentator on the EU economy. He is in regular demand as a speaker at seminars and conferences.

His English language publications include the following works.


  • On European Order: The state of the European Union as the  chief reason for political instability; Why the reform of the European Institutions is a prerequisite for  re-establishing European order
  • The Nomos of the American Metternich – Comments on Henry A. Kissinger‘s most recent book „World Order“


  • Beyond the Euro: Restoring Monetary Order in Europe by Monetary Choice
  • Strategy of Instability? Only if Germany stands up to be counted, will European integration be able to face its challenges


  • Time For a Historic Compromise – Why Europe needs the Guldenmark and no longer the Euro as single currency
  • Banking Union: How to restore order in a world of financial volatility
  • More Monetary Competition: A reformist concept for a new European monetary union


  • Out of bounds? On the legality of ECB’s actions in the euro-crisis
  • The Lack of Economic Ratio in European Economic and Financial Law
  • The Galileo Project put to the Test of European Competition and Public Procurement Law

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Prof. Dr. Markus C. Kerber

Prof. Dr. Markus C. Kerber

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